DPEC stands for Digital Payment Exchange Currency that is a platform that makes convenient and practical use of the cryptocurrency in daily life. By providing DWT on the DPEC platform that allows payment, settlement, currency exchange and remittance of the cryptocurrency, we desire to expand a new era of the mixed payment system of credit card payment and various cryptocurrency payments in various daily-life places such as hospitals, convenience stores, real estates, and even karaoke.
Crypto ATM
Crypto ATM
Release of Crypto ATMs that are able to exchange over 30 kinds of currency.
지역화폐 연계
the alliance of local currency
Payment, charging and exchange in line with the local currency
Digital POS
Digital POS
Release of digital POS that makes local digital currency, cryptocurrency payment available
탈 중앙화 신원증명(DID)
Decentralized Identify (DID)
KYC and AML apply to all worldwide passport readings

Following is the features of DTM (Digital autoTeller Machine)
that trades Fiat & Crypto Currency

Self-authentications module supports the identification and verification of customers and enables transparent transactions.
High availability
Anyone can open an account seamlessly, and DTM can expand to financially underdeveloped areas as well as general stores anywhere the Internet is connected.
The transactions are made through the distributed ledger of the blockchain-based network, so it can be done without the management of supervision of the third party.
Expanding the customer base
Since intuitive screen composition and multi-language translation services are provided, all people of various nationalities can easily make deposits, transfers, and exchange currencies.
Improved Satisfaction
The convenience of untact services and the ease with which anyone can use them make customer satisfied with the services and willing to reuse them.
High Scalability
Compared to traditional ATMs that require the regular replacement, DTMs do not require those inconvenient replacement and can easily be in line with other services.

If you are a franchise owner running stores, consider setting up a DTM right now.
Various benefits are awaiting you.

Unmanned Digital ATM Operations

DPEC’s DTM is available in various places,
and it has the potentiality for the various uses.

DTM is available anytime and anywhere with an Internet connected.
Unmanned Digital ATM ATM Network

DTM is based in Korea’s Seoul and the US
It will be expanded to the form of a joint venture and operation contract.

DPEC plans to expand its DTM network continuously by entering various countries.

Carefully read DPEC’s latest White Paper.


Patent Information

The Unmanned Loan Procession Method
The Unmanned Loan Procession Method
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Passport reading and counterfeiting identification programs for currency changers
Passport reading and counterfeiting identification programs for currency changers
Program Registration Certificate:
No. C-2016-012285
Passport scanner operation program for immediate refund for duty-free use
Passport scanner operation program for immediate refund for duty-free use
Program Registration Certificate:
No. C-2016-012286
A loan application program using the web
A loan application program using the web
Program Registration Certificate:
No. 169214

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